11 Years Later, Would Sir Ken Robinson Find Creativity In Our Schools?

Education Week

Critics of high standards and high-quality assessments often like to claim that the standards stifle creativity in our classrooms or limit teachers’ ability to modify their lesson plans. But as we have shown before, teachers and parents know that high standards are doing the exact opposite. High standards are inspiring creativity in the classroom and giving more teachers the flexibility they need to succeed. Melissa Weatherwax, a K-12 technology coach in Averill Park, NY, has penned a new piece in Education Week highlighting some of those creative innovations and challenges more teachers to raise the bar. “Yes, we have standards, mandates and requirements, but we also have quite a bit of choice in what we ask of our students. We need to cultivate creativity, thinking, challenges, ambiguity, and risk,” she writes. Critical thinking and creativity are the cornerstones of high, comparable standards and students are reaping those benefits.

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