A Passion for Advocacy

Educators often find themselves in various roles – mentor, coach, and now, more than ever, advocate.

Whether we’re advocating for high academic standards, high-quality assessments in our classrooms, or for an opportunity to share our expertise with policymakers, the work that we do as advocates is extremely important for the future of our profession and for our students.

Read more below about how three teachers advocate for their students and their profession.


1. Why I Advocate for High Standards
Louisiana teacher Meredith Starks discusses how high standards benefit both her students and fellow teachers, and why she is ready to fight to keep them in place.

2. Giving Teachers a Seat at the Table
Pennsylvania’s 2015 Teacher of the Year Mairi Cooper and State Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera discuss why teacher voice is so important to ensuring equity in our classrooms.

3. Why Assessment Matters
Kentucky teacher Sarah Yost shares the Latin meaning of “assess”—to sit next to. Find out why she says that’s exactly how she uses assessments to help her students.