A Teacher’s Advice for Making the Most Out of the Every Student Succeeds Act

Education Week

Educator Annette Christiansen of Utica Stevenson High School in Sterling Heights, Michigan—who is also a member of the Center for Teaching Quality Collaboratory—discusses the impact of the Every Student Succeeds Act and how today’s teachers can be as effective as possible under its provisions, including those that relate to student, teacher, and educational quality. While praising ESSA’s incentivizing of collaboration, Christiansen laments that the law hasn’t ended the practice of “using public education to advance partisan agendas, often at the expense of educators and students,” and notes that while “many states have submitted plans, funding issues and political posturing have called the future of ESSA into question.” Christiansen notes that though it might be easy to see proposed cuts to the U.S. Department of Education’s budget “as the death knell for ESSA,” this doesn’t have to be the case. She also notes that there are steps that teachers “who value public education and want to see ESSA succeed,” there are steps that they can take. 

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