Add “Get Inspired” To Your Summer To-Do List


Sarah Parrott, some rights reserved.
As you begin to shift your focus back to school and your classroom, I’m sure your to-do list is becoming as long (and overwhelming) as mine was as a teacher. No matter how lengthy that list might be, I encourage you to add one more thing: “Get Inspired!”

My friend Dayna Burke, a first grade teacher in Arizona, recently sent me three awesome ways to get even more inspired this summer. Check out her suggestions and share them with your teacher friends!

1. When you face a challenge, reach out to a fellow educator for support.
In a recent blog, Dayna share that when Arizona transitioned to the Common Core in 2010, “I was unsure of how I should feel. During that time, my principal was instrumental in pointing out how teachers across the state would have to change their instruction if they hoped to achieve the huge gains in student learning we all dream of.” Read more about her experience and find links to videos and high-quality curriculum resources for your classroom here.

2. Collaborate with a network of other teachers.
Dayna also shares about her experiences collaborating with teacher leaders: “There are several opportunities for teacher leaders to plug into networks in Arizona, but few of them are as exciting and transformative as Core Advocates. Core Advocates are educators committed to engaging with professional learning and classroom resources while working with fellow teachers to support students toward becoming college and career ready.” Learn more about Core Advocates and sign up to be a part of their work in Arizona here.

3. Support other colleagues by helping them learn more.
As educators, the more we learn about education issues, the more we can advocate for our students. “Some of our colleagues are less connected than others,” Dayna writes, “but we all need opportunities to learn about education issues outside our classroom.” Forward this email to an education friend and encourage them to sign up for the Educators for High Standards newsletter to stay informed.

Katrina Boone, former high school English teacher, is the Director of Teacher Outreach at the Collaborative for Student Success.