Beach Reading

It’s finally summer. School is out, the days are getting sunnier, and, as educators, you have time to both relax and prepare for next school year.

Check out the four pieces below, which will all give you something to reflect on as you enjoy summer break!


1. A Time for Relaxation and Reflection
Find out from our own Teacher Champions how they spend their summers finding the right balance between professional growth and relaxation to prepare for next school year.

2. Professional Learning Redefined
We’re teaming up with educator groups to identify examples of stellar professional learning so that educators like you can have a greater voice in how districts use Title II funds for professional growth and development.

3. How Teachers Can Make the Most Out of ESSA
Michigan high school teacher Annette Christiansen shares three steps you can take to help ensure ESSA is successful in helping improve schools for students and teachers.

4. What is the Role for Testing?
Find out what New Mexico Teacher Champion Ashley Randall sees as the role for tests in her classroom and why she thinks anti-testing efforts “sabotage important data and rob us of the right to know how our students are faring.”