Changing the Trajectory

For Women’s History Month we have the honor of celebrating female teachers within the public-school system!

Teachers in classrooms across the country work hard to ensure that their students succeed.

womens-history-month-image-christinaChristina Balkaran, who teaches 6th grade math in a full inclusion classroom at the Henderson K-12 Inclusion School in Dorchester, MA says we can and should do more – especially for our boys of color.

Ms. Balkaran sees firsthand, every day, the enormous impact that a lack of opportunities, lack of resources, and lack of agency has on young men of color. Rather than viewing this as an unsolvable problem, she sees this as an opportunity. An opportunity to focus on these students – the ones who most need change – and positively alter the predetermined pathway of success that society has unfairly placed upon them.

The achievement gap is something that Ms. Balkaran doesn’t take lightly because it is populated with her own students – students who she knows can perform well but aren’t afforded the same opportunities as their peers.

Some would argue that achieving educational equity is farfetched and even an impossible feat in today’s divisive political climate. But Ms. Balkaran plans to prove that ideology wrong.

She says, “Change can start within the school system. And that change can happen through efforts where teachers are able to collaborate with voices outside their own schools that can penetrate the hallways of our nation’s school systems. “

We are in awe of Ms. Balkaran’s dedication and passion for her students. Her efforts to alter the education landscape will span far beyond her classroom.