COVID-19 Resources: Tools, Tips, and Tricks from our Teacher Champions

Amid national school closures, students, parents, and educators are facing unprecedented challenges as learning begins to largely take place online and at home. As our Teacher Champions work to continue learning with their students and families, they would also like to share best practices, tips and tricks, and helpful articles with other educators. They’ll frequently be sharing information and resources here, so be sure to check back regularly and be sure to share your favorites with your network!

04/30/2020: A nationwide survey of educators, administrators, and advocates found differing opinions on the best way to address learning loss when schools are able to reopen. However, most participants agreed on the value of a high-quality diagnostic assessment to best target student supports. Read the full survey results from the Collaborative for Student Success here.


– EFHS Team

04/13/2020: Epic is a digital library that gives students access to online books, learning videos, and fun quizzes. Right now, parents and students can create a free account. There are a lot of great books available, and it’s a great way to cheaply keep students reading when libraries are not an option.


– Amanda McAdams, WY

04/10/2020: This is a source for students K-5 to access more reading materials. It includes leveled books, fiction, song books, and poetry books. You can currently get a free trial for your students, as well as access to benchmark assessments.


– Amanda McAdams, WY

04/09/2020: Mystery science offers open-and-go lessons that allow kids to explore science. They are currently offering a starter list of K-5 science lessons for teachers to give to students. These lessons should be easy to do at home and are free. The lessons are divided by grade level and offer both mini lessons and full lessons.


– Amanda McAdams, WY

04/08/2020: Some words of wisdom for all teachers, which might seem sort of contradictory, is to be routinely flexible. My Professional Learning Community partner and I have tried as much as possible to stick to what students know. We are flexibly doing what students are used to with the understanding that this is new and challenging for all of us. I think as long as we continue to put our students first, they will have learned something important through this entire situation.


– Vilma Godoy, KY

04/08/2020: I just started teaching my preservice educators course online. This meme made me chuckle! This transition is a work in progress, but teachers are not giving up! Giddy up!


– Rachel Cornett, TN

04/06/2020: Here’s a document to over 30 Virtual Field Trips. They don’t replace the real experience of a field trip, but they do expand learning opportunities for students as they are stuck at home. Plus, how often do students get to travel to Mars? Safe travels!


– Stephanie Johnson, SC

04/06/2020: During this crazy time, I’ve leaned heavily on both Teams and Remind. Since I teach high school students who have several classes a day to work through, we’ve learned to communicate through Teams (a part of our Microsoft Outlook suite). Through Teams, I’ve been able to schedule live instructional meetings with students, which similar to Zoom, allows me to share my screen and walk through standards and learning objectives. Remind is also a heavy hitter right now because the reality is that students are doing work as they are able to. While it is overwhelming to be “on” all the time, I try to remember that my students need me and it is my job to help them navigate these crazy times.


– Vilma Godoy, KY

04/03/2020: The PhET website includes simulations for learning science and math. Most simulations are accompanied by lesson plans and many of the simulations include a game component. Teachers can utilize simulations to provide students with online learning experiences or students can explore the simulations on their own.


– Jennifer Smith, IL

04/02/2020: I am really excited to see that Time for Kids magazine is now free for students and teachers!  Time for Kids is an excellent resource for learning about current events in age-appropriate ways.  The possibilities for incorporating all subject areas and speaking and listening are endless!  My students have always enjoyed the magazine and look forward to it and the discussions and learning we build around the content.


– Beth Maloney, AZ

03/31/2020: Learn.genetics is a great resource for science teachers. It includes information, hands-on activities and virtual labs that deal with topics in genetics. The materials are best suited for middle and high school students.


– Jennifer Smith, IL

03/31/2020: This resource was shared by another teacher friend of mine.  This Spark file helped me process how to think about changing my instruction for the online learning environment.  But, above all, I loved that the first message was keeping student relationships at the forefront.


– Stacey Travis, TN

03/27/2020: This website provides a wide range of coding resources for teachers and students. Teachers can use the curriculum on this site to enroll students in online learning about coding. Students may work on brief projects on their own. The game-like structure of the programs makes coding fun and memorable.


– Jennifer Smith, IL

03/27/2020: 150 ideas for sensory learning activities – what’s not to love?! This site’s ideas are organized by the sensory need and most require few supplies. These fun and easy activities are great for everyone to try out but could be especially important for those students who may be missing occupational and physical therapy sessions at this time.


– Rachel Cornett, TN

03/25/2020: Khan Academy released sample daily learning schedules for all grade levels, which additionally link to valuable resources and online tools to facilitate at-home learning.

03/25/2020: EngageNY offers widely used, standards-aligned curriculum in English Language Arts and mathematics. Check out there free, high-quality modules here.

03/25/2020: The Thomas B. Fordham Institute has dedicated a webpage to collecting valuable resources for families and educators – as well as stories of parents and teachers finding creative and successful ways to adapt to the new normal of at-home learning.

03/25/2020: National Geographic’s online learning materials, normally reserved for teachers behind a paywall, is now free for parents, giving access to videos, interactive maps and activities that encourage students to explore everything from ecology to geography.

03/25/2020: The Learning Heroe’s Roadmap offers some of the best grade-level resources from trusted experts like National PTA, Scholastic, GreatSchools, and more.


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