Dance Instructors Put a New Spin on Teaching Language and Math

Philadelphia Inquirer

Students at West Oak Lane School are learning math and language arts through dance programs. Using Common Core State Standards, Lisa Collins Vindovic, founder of the Metropolitan Ballet Academy and Company, and Janet Blenheim, a former teacher and math curriculum leader in the Upper Dublin School District, developed the “M3 = Math x Music x Movement.” According to second-grade teacher Tracy Gaal, “The kids remember the lesson from week to week and you see them doing the dance moves in the halls. It brings the [Common Core] Standards to life.” Teachers across the country are showing this kind of creativity in their classrooms, building on the flexibility within the standards. These fun and engaging lessons prove that setting high academic standards do not get in the way of creative teaching. In many cases, having clearer expectations helps give teachers the room they need to implement creative ideas!

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