Education Is the Answer to WV’s Question

Charleston Gazette Mail

West Virginia’s high, comparable standards “should not be thrown to the wayside.”  It’s that simple. As two local West Virginia high school teachers, Jessica Salfia and Karla Hilliard, wrote in the Charleston Gazette-Mail this week, the costs to teachers, students, and taxpayers associated with trying to put into place outdated standards from California and Massachusetts is too great. “Teachers spend countless hours to ensure their students are learning the skills they need when they need them. Taxpayers have spent millions of dollars to do the same. If our current high standards are thrown to the wayside, so is that investment,” Salfia and Hilliard wrote. They also cautioned West Virginia’s lawmakers about how their actions impact West Virginia students, especially when improvements are being seen under the current standards. “Every time education policy changes, it directly affects our students and the teachers who are working so hard to create success for our young people. The education of our students in West Virginia should not be taken lightly or be used as a political bargaining chip,” they argued. It’s about time West Virginia’s lawmakers listen to those in the classroom.

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