The Danger of a Single Story and How Common Core Can Help

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Picture2012 Maryland Teacher of the Year Joshua Parker argues that the limitations of using only one anecdote to come to a conclusion is exactly why students need the Common Core. He notes that multiple perspectives “should be embraced as a means to encourage students to plumb into texts in profound ways.” Common Core State Standards allow teachers to use creativity in the classroom, showing students how to think more critically about how to solve problems and giving them multiple ways to do so. To demonstrate this, Parker references a recent lesson he taught, asking students to dig deeper into the meaning behind a scene in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye: “I think the end goal of Common Core for English is that students can understand prose and poetry as well as produce it with elegance, verve and wit. Once students experience the richness and craft of language arts, there is a better chance they can use it to tell their own stories.

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