English Teacher’s Hip-Hop Curriculum Gets Students Writing

Education Week
Drawing upon her interest in hip-hop, teacher Lauren Leigh Kelly created “Hip-Hop Literature and Culture,” an English course in which students discuss hip-hop texts—including songs, films, and music videos—to explore constructions of gender, race and self. —Mark Abramson for Education Week
Lauren Leigh Kelly, a high school English teacher in New York and adjunct instructor at Columbia University, has incorporated hip-hop culture into her literacy curriculum to help students connect instruction to their backgrounds and to foster their interests in writing. “The [Common Core State Standards] provide a huge amount of autonomy and flexibility in terms of the content that students are reading, and I see that as a good entry point to insert relevant and engaging texts and content,” explains Emily Chiariello, an education consultant. Previously 21 State Teachers of the Year wrote, “Under the Common Core, teachers have greater flexibility to design their classroom lessons—and can, for the first time, take advantage of the best practices from great teachers in other states.”

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