Educational Standards Bills are Big Step Backward

Michigan Live

Kelley Cusmano, an English and student leadership teacher at Rochester High School, and Matt McCullough, a former teacher and high school administrator, raised concern over two education bills currently under review in the Michigan State Legislature. House Bill 4192 and Senate Bill 81 “mandate that the current standards be replaced by the 2008-09 Massachusetts academic standards.” The authors rightly ask, “Why should Massachusetts determine what is right for our children?” This is especially relevant since Massachusetts itself abandoned those standards which were “created before many innovations we appreciate in education today (iPads, Chromebooks, SmartBoards, etc.).” The current Michigan standards, the “Michigan Career and Readiness Standards,” are based on the Common Core State Standards which were developed by educators and experts from across the country with the goal of helping more students graduate high school fully prepared for college or a career. Teachers, business leaders and specialists continue to give the standards high marks for setting clear, rigorous learning goals that create a path leading straight to college or a good job. Previous attempts have been made by members of the Michigan Statehouse to rollback high standards and put student achievement at risk.

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