End of School Year Tips

The end of the school year is a perfect time for reviewing concepts, practicing skills, and making any excuse you can to have class outside. As the educators below demonstrate, it’s also the perfect opportunity to incorporate creative lesson plans in an effort to reinforce student learning.

Check out the creative ideas below, and be sure to share them with your colleagues!


1. Mathematizing Literature
Ever wonder how to integrate math into reading? Former elementary school teacher Allison Hintz is working to develop toolkits to help teachers pick out math concepts in books and teach their students about them—a process she refers to as “mathematizing literature.”

2. Thinking Creatively with Chess
Check out how fifth grade teacher Joe Nevarez uses the chess club he started to teach critical and creative thinking skills.

3. How High Standards Bridged a Generational Gap
Sixth grade teacher Kathy Rowe arranged for her class to visit a nearby assisted living center. In this creative lesson, students played the role of the teacher, passing along their knowledge to residents.