Teacher Voices: What engagement season means to me

cute-kids-fbRecently, I learned that the months from December to February are referred to by some as “engagement season,” due to the disproportionately high number of couples getting engaged during this time.

Of course, to people like us, there a couple of other very important meanings of engagement.

Engaging students can require a lot of time and resources, but as you all know, it can also mean huge learning gains for kids. Educators too, need to be engaged, as their experiences and opinions about teaching and learning are invaluable.

Below, I’ve included two pieces that offer advice about engaging students and two about the need to engage educators in policy conversations.

1. Rapping in Math Class?
Los Medanos Elementary School teachers have their students rhyming and rapping about rounding numbers and more with great results! Check out their “Can’t Stop the Place Value” rap here.

2. How To Motivate Students
What are great ways to re-engage students? What are the best apps and software for the classroom? Find answers to these and more from Colorado teacher and Teach Plus fellow Jessica Moore.

3. Turning Tests into Learning Experiences
U.S. Department of Education Teaching Ambassador Patrick Kelly attended the White House convening on assessment last month. Find out what he says are three important characteristics to ensuring assessments are high quality and useful.

4. Why We Need Teachers to Shape Policy
This Delaware teacher shares why it’s so critical that teachers in all states get involved in ESSA implementation.

Katrina Boone is the Director of Educators for High Standards