Five misconceptions on Ohio’s statewide student assessments

Cleveland Plain Dealer

As Ohio’s statewide testing window comes to a close, it’s important to reiterate how the state’s annual assessments help document students’ learning progress. As Bryan R. Drost, director of curriculum and instruction for the Summit Educational Service, and Tricia Ebner, an intervention specialist for gifted students at Lake Middle School in Hartville, Ohio, write on, “Despite all the misinformation out there, Ohio’s assessment is a critical tool in documenting the learning progress our children are making, and ensuring that they continue to make progress in the future.” Drost and Ebner provide five key facts about the tests that are often misconstrued, covering everything from the value teachers get from the tests to student data policies to who writes the test. As the Collaborative for Student Success Executive Director Jim Cowen recently reflected, “At the end of the day, assessments—whether at the federal, state, or local level—must always be in service of student learning.” 

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