Free Resources, Just in Time for Back to School

achieve-the-coreJust in time for back to school, Achieve the Core has released free, ready-to-use classroom and professional development resources.

Educators across the country created What I Use in My Classroom, full of resources for lessons in ELA/Literacy, Math, Social Studies, and Science, along with resources for professional learning and technology integration.

Char Shyrock, Director of Curriculum and Instruction in Bay Village City Schools in Ohio, shared the Mathematics Assessment Project, a website that includes math tasks for middle and high school instruction, which all come with exemplar student work and scoring rubrics.

She also shared WordSift, a resource from Stanford University that can be used for lesson preparation, previewing texts, group activities, literacy support, and assessment. When teachers or students paste text in the platform’s box, it generates a word cloud to identify the most important words in a passage, shows key words from the passage in context, and even includes a Google search of images and videos based on the key words.

Each of the 31 resources provided align to college- and career-ready standards.

Achieve the Core also debuted its High-Quality Assessment Alignment Modules, professional learning resources designed to equip teachers in understanding grade-specific standards and how to select or develop questions for high-quality summative assessments. There are modules for both literacy and math; each module includes a user guide to clarify how individuals in different education roles might use the modules.

Achieve the Core is a website designed to share free, high-quality resources for professional learning, planning and reflection, lesson planning, and classroom assessment. Learn more here.