Going the Distance

Teach Reach New Mexico

Educator Alicia Duran discusses her family’s experience with both long-distance running and teaching. She writes that “higher expectations for students translate into different expectations for teachers, too.” This idea is what “fuels” her work with the Secretary’s Teacher Advisory, a “committee of teachers from around the state who have the ear of Acting Secretary of Education Christopher Ruszkowski on topics like school grades, standardized testing, and NMTEACH summative reports.” The group believes that when teachers “shift their practice to better support their students” to meet high, comparable standards, students are more likely to find success. The good news? That’s what is happening – with New Mexico students making gains and “increasingly meeting the higher expectations that we’ve set for them with the New Mexico Common Core State Standards.” However, there is still work to do. Duran notes that if we want “more of our students to reach the finish line of graduating high school ready for college and careers, then we need to stay the course with our high standards and aligned assessments,” and “ensure that teachers get feedback and support to help their students meet the standards.” 

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