How One Rockland School Is Fighting Fake News

The Journal News

Common Core State Standards are designed to foster critical thinking and creativity in classrooms by establishing rigorous education standards consistent for all students. Learning to the high standards ensures that students can widen their skill sets, better preparing them for college or future careers, and allowing students to be better equipped for wherever life may take them. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Principal David Johnson of Nyack Middle School told the Journal News recently that the Common Core State Standards are resulting in teachers wanting “to encourage students to become critical consumers of information.” Highlighting an innovative “Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Day” for seventh graders at the school, Johnson told the paper that the school wants to “stress that [students] be able to distinguish what’s accurate and they can’t do that without being able to critically question and inform themselves.” Nyack Middle School’s teachers are adding more proof that high standards don’t stifle creativity in the classroom, they encourage it.

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