Include Teachers In Conversation About Senate Bill 1

Lexington Herald-Leader

The Kentucky Senate passed a bill last week that could mean wide-ranging education reforms for every school, depending on what happens in the House chamber. As the process moves forward, more teachers are calling for legislators to include them in discussions about future changes before they are implemented. Brison Harvey, a social studies teacher at Lafayette High School, wrote in the Lexington Herald Leader this week that the standards Kentucky implemented in 2010 have meant significant gains in improving education in the state, “led to a deeper understanding of subject matter by our young people and left them better prepared for the next level of lifelong learning.” Harvey agrees that over time standards should be reviewed and tweaked if necessary, but also pleaded for educators to have a seat at the table as they “can provide much needed clarity and direction to be sure that our academic standards build on the impressive gains our students have already made.” As he rightly noted, “This process will also help safeguard our academic standards from becoming a political football.”

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