Inspire Change

Now, more than ever, teachers have the flexibility to let their creativity shine in their classroom.

And some are even taking it a step further by using their voice to inspire change throughout their community, district, and even state.

Below are three pieces that highlight the power of incorporating creative and innovative approaches in your classroom as well how teachers just like you are advocating its importance!

Preschool teacher teaching her children about geography. Using globe and asking the questions. Children sitting by the table and listen teacher carefully. Models in this shot are part of real kindergarten group and their teacher.

1. Current Events in the Classroom
Check out how these high school teachers incorporated current events like the recent hurricanes and the crisis in North Korea into their aligned social studies lessons.

2. Ohio’s Learning Standards Are Right for Kids
Char Shryock, director of Curriculum and Instruction in Bay Village City Schools in Ohio, presented testimony last week in front of the state House of Representative’s Education and Career Readiness Committee about the value of high standards because the Ohio legislature [is] considering a bill—HB 176—that would ‘repeal and replace’ Ohio’s Learning Standards.

3. Honoring Three Principles
In this blog, Michigan teacher Matthew McCullough illustrates how he implements classroom-focused, job-embedded, sustained professional learning for teachers, which were the main focus of the Educators for High Standards report “Lifelong Learners: How Redefining Professional Learning Leads to Stronger Teachers and Improved Student Outcomes.”