Invested in Learning

As teachers we are always looking for ways to help students be more engaged and take ownership of their own learning.

Instead of students viewing each task as “just another assignment,” how awesome would it be if our students actually saw the purpose and actually set goals for themselves?

I have included three awesome pieces that gives you helpful advice on how to make your students — and even parents — more engaged and invested in learning.

1. Engagement through Learning Target Trackers
Looking for a way to help students track their own learning? Kentucky teacher Kari Patrick implemented a “learning target tracker” in her high school English classroom, which made students more aware of their own learning and differentiation in instruction much easier.

2. Common Standards are Vital to Student Success
Find out why Tennessee English teacher Stacy Jones believes higher standards “have been a boon to public education in America.”

3. Teaching Parents
Interested in getting parents more engaged? One Ohio elementary school is hosting “math nights” to give parents a better understanding of how math is taught so they can better support their children with homework.