Join Us For A Twitter Chat on July 23rd

We are excited to share the details about our next Educators for High Standards Twitter chat! We will be hosting a conversation to discuss the importance of teacher recruitment and retention to increasing equity for all students.

We want your expertise, your experiences, and your ideas to drive this conversation.

We hope that you can join us, along with Teach Plus New Mexico, for our #EFHSchat on Tuesday, July 23 at 2pm ET.

Our chat will focus on how effective, successful recruitment and retention efforts are related to improving equity for students in all schools across the nation. I believe that teachers are the heart and soul of our schools and that they know best what will attract and keep high-quality educators in our classrooms.

By the way, here’s the discussion questions in advance!

Part I: Establishing a foundational understanding of the problems, challenges, and importance of teacher recruitment and retention to increasing equity in schools.

Why is recruiting and retaining high-quality educators related to ensuring educational equity across all schools and districts? #EFHSchat

  • Why is recruitment and retention of high-quality educators for our most underserved schools a topic that educators themselves should engage with their school leaders and districts about? #EFHSchat
  • What factors are contributing to recruitment and retention issues across schools and districts? Are there specific challenges facing efforts at schools that primarily serve students of color or low-income communities? #EFHSchat
  • What is the impact on schools when there is a high rate of teacher turnover or a high percentage of unqualified educators? #EFHSchat
  • What recruitment and retention efforts have you all seen used by your school districts that have produced results?  #EFHSchat

Part II:  How can educators engage and improve their local systems of teacher recruitment and retainment?

  • How can current teachers engage in recruitment efforts of high-quality educators? In what ways are you all currently participating in your school’s effort to recruit and retain quality teachers? #EFHSchat
  • How can educators work together to address some of the factors contributing to teacher burnout, high turnover rates, and recruitment challenges? #EFHSchat
  • Is there a role for collaborative spaces for educators in addressing recruitment and retention challenges? What part could professional learning communities or teacher mentorship programs play in attracting and keeping quality educators? #EFHSchat
  • What are some strategies schools or districts could implement to increase the recruitment of high-quality teachers? What can be done to ensure that schools retain high-quality teachers? #EFHSchat
  • What are the most effective ways to communicate best practices and strategies for teacher recruitment and retention to school and school district leaders? How can educators guide and build momentum for this conversation in their districts? #EFHSchat


Make sure you use the #EFHSchat hashtag to be a part of the conversation. We are so excited for you to join the chat and add your voice to the discussion!