Kids and Cows Event Held at Ag Center


For those that argue high standards stifle creativity and handcuff teachers’ lesson plans, here’s another great example disproving that myth. Several Valencia County elementary students recently visited a 200 acre farm in Las Lunas for a Kids and Cows event. The event was part of New Mexico Agriculture in the Classroom program, which is spearheaded by the New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau to provide teachers with curriculum and resources aligned with Common Core State Standards. According to the News-Bulletin, students learned about the variety of agricultural industries, such as crops for bio-fuels, the cut flowers industry and fiber. “This is a good way to educate them about lots of different areas of agriculture,” said Ann Marie Wilson, New Mexico State University family and consumer science agent. “They do a lot of farm-to-table education and just a lot of stuff that they maybe aren’t taught in the classroom.” High standards were implemented across the country to ensure all children have access to an education that prepares them for success after high school, no matter where they grow up or go to school, and no matter which path in life they choose to pursue. And as educators in New Mexico have shown, the pursuit of high standards can be taken in many different paths

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