KPREP Helps Teacher Create Focused Picture

The Courier-Journal

This month, students across Kentucky are taking their annual KPREP (Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress) assessments. Sarah Yost, an eighth grade English language arts teacher, writes about why the assessments are so important, “The word ‘assess’ comes from a Latin word that means ‘to sit next to,’ and for me, that is exactly what strong in-class and statewide assessments help me to do—to sit with my students as we pursue a clear picture of what they know and where they need extra support.”  And the assessments aren’t just about one moment in time. Yost notes, “We examine their data together, and if students didn’t master a standard, I re-teach them, and students re-do the work until they’ve mastered the skill. With this approach to assessment, I’m able to engage students who were previously detached in class, or who have previously struggled with school… Standards-based grading has empowered them to know and understand that their grades reflect what they know and are able to do, and, more importantly, give them clear steps to gain the skills and change their grades.” 

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