Letter: Michigan Science Educators Oppose HB 4192

The wave of opposition to the Michigan lawmakers trying to repeal the state’s high, comparable standards is growing every day. At a hearing last week addressing State Rep. Gary Glenn’s proposal to repeal the standards and implement a set used by Massachusetts more than a decade ago, a majority of those testifying were opposed to the legislation. Among them were the Michigan Department of Education, Michigan Association of School Administrators, Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals, and Michigan Teacher of the Year, Tracy Horodyski, on behalf of the most recent 5 Teachers of the Year, to name just a few. In addition, a letter from the Michigan Science Teachers Association was submitted to the committee on behalf of more than 1,100 educators supporting Michigan’s current high standards. With educators, administrators, and parents all behind the state’s current high, comparable standards, you have to wonder why any legislator would choose to repeal them.

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