Local Math Teacher Invents Math Learning Tool Geometiles

Del Mar Times

Critics of high, consistent standards repeatedly like to say that they stifle creativity and force teachers to “teach to the test.” It’s a myth we’ve debunked before and a local teacher in California is proving again how standards promote creativity and flexibility. Yana Mohanty has created a new math tool called “Geometiles” that is helping her students make the connection between their classroom math and the real world.  The Del Mar Times describes the geometiles as “a colorful and versatile set of interlocking tiles in shapes such as triangles, squares, rectangles and hexagons meant to make math fun and accessible and boost students’ confidence.” To accompany the pieces, Mohanty has created an online library of workbooks, instruction manuals, lesson plans, and problems that meet Common Core State Standards.  Mohanty says the tool is about problem solving, teaching “perseverance and how to handle the experience of frustration” and that is “a life skill lesson that children need to learn.”

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