Local Teacher Intrigued by Legislator Meeting on Senate Bill 1

Bowling Green Daily News

Education reform is a top priority for leaders of the Kentucky General Assembly this year. Lindsey Houchin and Stephanie Helton, two local teachers from the Bowling Green area, weigh in on the potential changes to the state’s standards after attending a recent committee meeting.  Houchin admits that transitioning to the current Kentucky Academic Standards wasn’t easy.  “I’ve witnessed student frustration and stress as they adapt to assessments that require students to demonstrate that they not only understand concepts, but know how to apply them,” she said.  As the legislature considers changes she advises them to engage “different stakeholders as we evaluate and revise education policy.”  As she aptly points out, that should be the norm.   Helton who has “always been a believer in high, rigorous standards for students,” says she was  encouraged to hear that the legislation recently introduced “is not a plan to start from scratch and throw out the existing standards entirely – after all, they are working for a lot of kids.”   Helton and Houchin’s views reflect the value many educators see in having high-quality standards and assessments in place to help evaluate their students’ readiness for the future. 

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