Marin Educators Embrace New Common Core Teaching Standards

Marin Independent Journal

Students in California’s Marin County are experiencing “project-based learning because it emphasizes skills” they will need for success in the real world, according to educators there. Guided by the Common Core State Standards, teachers develop lessons that “emphasize critical thinking over rote memorization.” Despite opposition to the standards, the article highlights an Ed Source survey that found the Common Core “was supported by 95 percent of 1,000 [California] teachers surveyed in 2015.” “Instead of having content jammed into their heads, they’re (students) learning skills they can apply the rest of their lives,” said Cyane Dandridge, executive director of Strategic Energy Innovations. Last year, Marin County students “outperformed the rest of the state” on assessments with 56 percent of county students meeting or exceeding standards compared to the 33 percent stateside average. San Marin High School teacher Nick Williams, who chairs his school’s science and engineering department, said, “I love the Common Core standards and so do most of the teachers I’ve talked to. It’s focused on using evidence to support your claims in math and science.”

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