New Learning Standards Working; Now We Must Improve Them

The Journal News

John Ravitz and Anne Rose Santoro, educators and members of the High Achievement New York Coalition wrote in The Journal News this week, “It’s essential that New York does not turn the clock back on high standards that help all students have an equal shot at success.”  As they explained, “Standards are important for showing the way to professional achievement down the road, and we need all New York schools to set high expectations for our children so they know that anything is possible for them if they work hard.”  After a more than two year “process to revise the standards to accommodate a wide range of views, while still upholding their core purpose,” New York announced revisions to its standards for English language arts and mathematics this week.  Comments on the revised standards are now being accepted until June 2, and we encourage parents, educators and others to weigh in on them at the New York State Education Department website.  Ravitz and Santoro note the revisions are “a good start, but there is still room for improvement.” 

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