Project-based learning finding way into Sonoma County schools

The Press Democrat

Many teachers believe that the implementation of high, comparable standards has given them the ability to tailor lessons to student needs and to be creative with their classes. Two teachers at Casa Grande High School in Petaluma have done just that, bringing hands-on experience to their classrooms to help students learn about business and marketing, while at the same time asking them to think critically and collaborate with other students. A new piece from The Press Democrat in California explores how these classes are part of a new trend in education called “project-based learning,” which “has been gaining steam in the state in part from Common Core standards, which emphasize collaboration, critical thinking and real-world problem solving.” Bob Lenz, executive director of the Buck Institute, said project-based learning is a growing movement; “People realized the world has changed dramatically. It’s more connected, not only through technology but through our trade and commerce.” It’s another great story showing how high standards can inspire students and teachers to rise to new heights.

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