With a Game Plan for Success, Expect Greatness

By Rocket Ismail

Football taught me an important lesson – what you expect affects the effort that you put in; this principle still rings true today. Children need to know that they should never be afraid to aim high, because anything that they put their minds to is possible.

As an aspiring professional football player, I learned at a very young age the importance of aiming high. It was the consistent practice of good habits and learning how to humble myself and listen to my coaches that instilled in me the confidence to discover and use my talents to achieve my goals.

The same can be said for the classroom – where the coach is the teacher. Just like a coach guides a player, teachers guide their students.

A teacher’s playbook is lesson plans. Drills are homework. Testing helps identify strengths and weaknesses. And awards provide recognition – and lead to student success!

This is what we call a teacher’s game plan for success.

rios-headshotThrough the Educators for High Standards’ Aim High Fellowship, I get the unique opportunity to work with teachers and students, like Ms. Guillermo-Rios and her fifth grade students at Desert Trail Elementary in Chaparral, New Mexico, that are leading the way by holding students to high standards and reaching new heights through their very own game plan for success.

Ms. Guillermo-Rios is the perfect example of the type of coach that pushed me towards success. She’s the kind of teacher that encourages and supports her students every step of the way.

Teachers like Ms. Guillermo-Rios equip students with the skills necessary to not only believe, but achieve success.

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 Rocket Ismail is a Former High School, College & Professional Athlete