Songs, Raps, Games and Movement Help Make Learning Fun


Make math fun, exciting and memorable? Challenge accepted by teachers at Los Medanos Elementary school in California’s Bay Area. Educators there are rapping, developing games and getting kids up and moving – all to better master mathematical concepts. Teacher Geannine Fernandez’s 3rd-grade class raps about rounding numbers: “Mark the place, look to the right… Four or less, just sit tight. Five or more, add one more.” As a result, Los Medanos Elementary “has beaten state averages” on assessments in both math and English with “43 percent of the school’s low-income Latino students” meeting or exceeding the state average. As 21 State Teachers of the Year wrote, high standards are fostering creativity across the country. In fact, “teachers have greater flexibility to design their classroom lessons—and can, for the first time, take advantage of the best practices from great teachers in other states.” Click here to watch the “Can’t Stop The Place Value” rap.

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