School Systems Get More Say on STEM Education

Liana Heitin – January 2016

ESSA gives states and districts more flexibility in how they use funding for STEM education, including allowing funds from other funding streams (Title II and IV) to be used for STEM instruction. It also calls for states to establish alternative certification pathways for STEM teachers. These changes may result in drastic spending increases on STEM education across the country.

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Get Involved in Your State’s ESSA Planning

Jodi Peterson – June 2016

The National Science Teachers Association emphasizes the opportunities science and STEM teachers have to make their voices heard during the ESSA implementation process in their respective states. NSTA encourages teachers to examine their state websites or talk to state leaders about getting involved. NSTA additionally provides links to ESSA implementation participation resources from 21 states and provides a link to a video series providing ESSA implementation. APS has also provided resources specific to physics teachers here:

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