Teacher Collaboration Leads to Common Core Math Success

Ed Source

E.M. Grimmer Elementary School in Freemont, California is seeing an extraordinary amount of success in its students’ math test scores over the past two years. According to Ed Source, “with a student population that includes a high percentage of low-income, Latino students and English learners, Grimmer Elementary is beating state averages on Common Core standardized math test scores… The school far surpasses the state overall average of 37 percent.” So what’s the secret to their success, especially when many other schools with low-income populations struggle? Grimmer Principal Judy Nye sees it in the relationships her teachers have with their students, a deep understanding of the standards, and collaboration among the teachers. “It’s all student-based, which is key to everything we do,” Nye said. It’s clear that the commitment to high standards is resonating with the students as well. As captured in the article, one 10-year-old student “compared thinking about the different ways he can solve problems to figuring out riddles and brain teasers, which he enjoys. ‘Math can be like that,’ he said. ‘I like thinking out of the box.’” We do too – as do so many other teachers and parents who value high standards!

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