Teacher Voices: Grateful for great teachers

The holiday season is upon us! I love the holidays for so many reasons (including the variety of desserts), but more than anything, I love the way it offers all of us an opportunity to reflect on the past few months and set priorities for the coming year.

Read more below to discover the sources of these teachers’ inspiration!


1. How You Can Shape Education Policy
Looking to get involved in education policy? Click here to learn about 3 easy ways.

2. Message to Lawmakers: Listen to the Teachers!
I loved this teacher’s inspiring call for lawmakers to seek out teacher voice to shape education policy.

3. Taking the Dread out of Grading
Find out how teacher Andrew Larson implemented project-based learning in his classroom, resulting in assessment that “now resembles something of a scavenger hunt.”

4.  Common Core in Social Studies Classrooms
Learn how Common Core turns students into historians in the social studies classroom.

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Katrina Boone is the Director of Teacher Outreach for the Collaborative for Student Success.