Teacher Voices: High Intensity Drama

Despite some occasional debate, thousands of teachers across the country are grateful for the ways in which high academic standards are raising the bar in their classrooms and helping students succeed.

Read more about three teachers’ experiences below!

1. Stability in the Storm of Adolescence
Kentucky teacher Sarah Yost describes how high standards can support struggling students through the storm of middle school, pointing out that “high standards have given teachers a steady ship to navigate these waters and the best antidote for high intensity drama — rational dialogue.”

2. Nothing Standardized About It
Read Delaware 2016 Teacher of the Year Sandra Hall’s powerful opinion piece in which she commends higher academic standards for giving teachers the flexibility to make “learning fun and engaging” so that students improve their educational outcomes.

3. Grateful for Common Core
Learn more as Heather Morgan, a former military intelligence officer turned educator, explains how her experience in the Army reinforced an appreciation for high, comparable standards in the classroom.

Katrina Boone is the Director of Educators for High Standards