Teacher Voices: Is Anyone Listening?

Every year, it becomes increasingly clear to me that many teachers are not only deeply invested in their classrooms and students, but also in the legislation and policy that impacts their work. As the links I’ve shared below indicate, teachers are sharing their experiences and expertise in  an effort to be engaged and be heard. But the question remains – is anyone listening?

Read and share the pieces below to ensure that more people hear their voices!

1.The High Cost of Changing Standards

See why West Virginia teachers Jessica Salfia and Karla Hilliard say their state’s high comparable standards should “not be thrown to the wayside.”

2. Leading By Example: Student Growth Begins with Teachers

Read more about how Gina Wilson, a lead teacher at the Early College Alliance at Eastern Michigan University, encourages students to believe in themselves by improving as a teacher and leading by example.

3. Message to Policymakers: Start Talking to Teachers!

As you read in our report last month, teachers want to talk to policymakers and be engaged in the development of education policy. Boston teacher Amanda Hathaway discusses her desire to be more involved, but the lack of opportunities available.

4. How Standards Support Teachers

Kentucky Teacher Champion Brooke Powers explains why we need to make the argument for high standards “more about kids and less about politics.”


Katrina Boone is the Director of Educators for High Standards.