Teacher Voices: To keep you going

In my neck of the woods, November days are marked by gray skies and lots of cold rain. So, if you’re anything like me, you could use a dose of excellence to keeping you going until winter break. Take a look at the stories below – I’m sure you’ll find the excellence in each of them inspiring!



1. The ESSA Opportunity for Teachers
Want to be more engaged as your state begins to implement ESSA? These State Teachers of the Year share tips and strategies on engaging with policymakers.

2. Teachers Develop ESSA Principles
When it comes to ESSA, teacher engagement is extremely important. That’s why these Delaware teachers developed this personalized learning guide for both educators and policymakers to get the conversations started.

3. A Beacon of Excellence
How did this low-income school in Brooklyn become one of the top ten schools in the state? Click here to find out.

Katrina Boone, Director of Educators for High Standards

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