Arizona, Georgia & Utah Students Are Achieving Higher Test Scores in English and Math

Top teachers in Arizona, Georgia, and Utah have been commending students in their states for achieving higher scores on statewide assessments.

Arizona and Utah adopted higher academic standards three years ago, while Georgia’s students have been learning under the more rigorous education standards for four years. All of the states have been using assessments aligned to the standards for two years.

While it’s still early to declare conclusively, evidence shows that students in grades three through eight are making “strong gains” and “showing some really promising results.” Arizona saw a growth of over 4 percentage points in math. Students in Georgia and Utah improved over 3 percentage points in math.

“Change won’t happen overnight,” the teachers said in their broadcasts. “These gains are important because they show that more students are on grade level and rising to the challenge of the higher standards… But lowering the bar is never the right thing to do. We’re seeing that high standards really do make a difference for all our kids.”

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