Teachers Know How to Build a “Game Plan” for Student Success

If you’ve been following the World Cup this summer, you know that the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) has trained diligently all season in the hopes of winning that event, for the fourth time. Their wins are rooted in setting high expectations, practicing hard, and measuring progress towards their goals.

Similarly, the students at my school have worked hard all year at meeting the high standards set by our teachers. While they aren’t facing off against soccer teams from across the globe, they are fighting through their own educational obstructions, distractions, and challenges. We’re grateful that one of the most talented soccer players of our time saw that determination and recognized our fighting spirit!

Sports, along with other extracurricular activities like musical groups and clubs, are a vital part of education. At Benson Primary School, we emulate the game plans of professional athletes and teams: aim high, listen to your coaches, and train hard.

Teachers know that these skills carry over into the classroom and eventually into the workforce. Coaches lay out the next play on the soccer field or basketball court, and teachers explain how to add and subtract numbers or structure a paragraph. Coaches drive athletes to practice regularly to become better players, and teachers encourage and push students to master academic materials.

Just like there is an off-season in sports, my school is out for the summer. Our teachers and students are getting some much-needed rest and recharging their batteries. But make no mistake about it, our teachers—just like countless other outstanding teachers across the country—are thinking, planning, and acting for the next year. After all, whether on the field or in the classroom, they are aligned on the ultimate goal: knowledge that serves as a foundation for students’ success.


Jomel Jansson is the Principal at Benson Primary School in Benson, AZ….and a HUGE fan of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team.