Teachers + Legislators = SUCCESS ~ Melissa Stugart

This fall, Educators for High Standards has proudly partnered with America Achieves State Educator Voice Fellowships to support over 31 educator-led “Bring Your Legislator to School Day” events across Colorado, Michigan, and New York, designed to provide opportunities for legislators to observe students and teachers engaged in instruction aligned with high standards.

Lead educators were responsible for recruiting and training teachers and principals to organize and plan their own #BYLTSD event with their school communities, including invitations, substantive agendas, press releases, and follow up. Most incredible about this endeavor is that the majority of the teachers involved had no prior experience engaging legislators, much less inviting them into their classrooms, but have now opened a door for continuous meaningful dialogue.

Read a few featured reflections below:


Kim Hardwick, New York Principal:

“The experience was beneficial to all involved and concluded with a discussion with the grade 4 teaching team on the recent educational reforms and the critical roles we all play in the implementation of them. Most importantly, we hope that relationships are being established so we can all serve as successful supports to one another as we all work toward meeting the same goal–strengthening education for ALL children.”


Jenny Bigbey, Colorado Teacher:

“Sen. Scheffel was able to get a glimpse into the amazing learning and rigorous expectations happening in our building. Additionally, he had an opportunity to meet with our school’s administration and discuss important education issues. Seeing the challenges of an overextended school with limited funds for technology was eye opening for our senator. Sen. Scheffel even became an honorary staff member! Building a relationship with those who make decisions on our behalf was not only enlightening for me as an educator, but also empowering and impactful for our community. It was a pleasure to showcase the incredible things we do and accomplish at our school.”


Matt McCullough, Michigan Principal:

“Education has changed immensely in just the last decade regarding increasingly higher expectations of students, teachers, and administrators.  At Onsted High School, we are excited to share our story with our legislators and share how our instruction and assessment are changing to meet higher expectations.”

In all three states, the events were sponsored by teacher led organizations. Colorado events are sponsored by the Colorado Educator Alliance; Michigan events are sponsored by the Michigan Educator Alliance; and New York events are sponsored by Partners for Inspired Education.

If you have interest in assistance to develop your own BYLTSD effort, email us at