Educator’s Message to Parents: This Is the Best Way to Help Your Kids With Their Math Homework

So many parents make the unknowing mistake of “helping” their child by doing their math homework for them. Understandably, parents don’t like to see their child struggle.

But it has become more and more apparent that this act of kindness can inevitably hinder a child’s progress in math rather than help.

Ohio educator and parent, Char Shryock, sympathizes with parents’ eagerness to help their child but emphasizes the importance allowing them to learn through “the struggle in math.” Char’s advice:

“Math is not a series of steps. It’s a process and a way of thinking about things. It’s not your job to do the math. You are actually doing your child a disservice when you do the math for them. The learning comes from the struggle in math.

 We need to give parents those tools and strategies to help facilitate math learning, rather than giving into the frustration and reaffirming that ‘yeah you’re not a math person, because I wasn’t a math person, and that’s OK.’ Because it’s not.

Everybody can do math. It’s just a shift in thinking about it.”

Both educators and parents play a vital role in facilitating math learning.

Learning is most beautiful, and impactful, when students work through productive struggle toward success.

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Katrina Boone is the Director of Educators for High Standards.