Teachers Tweet: What State Policymakers Should Know

We hosted a Twitter chat this month to hear what teachers think about the Every Student Succeeds Act and what they’d like to tell policymakers if they had the chance. The discussion covered their thoughts on education policy and then how to better involve teachers in laws that impact their classrooms.

We heard some amazing answers so we thought we’d share some of them here.

Here are our favorite answers on why educators think they should be a driving force behind the design and implementation of education policy:

We asked teachers how they are actively engaging policymakers to make sure they are included in the crafting of education policy:

When we asked what states and districts should do to initiate or sustain meaningful teacher involvement in policy discussions we heard some great suggestions:

So what advice did they have for policymakers who’d like to engage with educators around ESSA?

Educators are ready to engage on ESSA – 96 percent agree that teachers should be involved in the crafting of education policy, but only half of teachers believe that state policymakers are adequately engaging educators as states put together their education plans.

Click here to read the full survey on teacher perspectives: