These Teachers’ March Madness Brackets Aren’t Busted

March Madness has finally arrived, and I think it’s safe to say that everyone’s bracket is busted. If not, consider yourself lucky.

This year’s bracket may be very unpredictable, but teachers have cracked the code in combining basketball with STEAM education by utilizing fun and interactive learning activities.

Take a look at these examples:

Free-shot Physics – In this activity, students explore the properties of various balls from different sports and discuss why the design of each ball is suited to its associated sport. Students will investigate the bounce ability of different types of balls and learn that the composition and elasticity of each ball, as well as the amount of air pressure inside the ball, can affect its bounce.

Robot Basketball – Students learn about accuracy and precision by working in teams to design and build a robotic basketball player that can nail free-throw shots.

The Secret to Swish –  Students use this activity to figure out the four basic elements to hitting a nothing but net foul shot.

All of these activities show how teachers go above and beyond for their students, to bring current events, like March Madness, into their classroom.

Not only are kids able to learn, but they are having fun doing it.

Teachers have even taken their efforts a step further and sparked a new wave of creativity with March Book Madness. Yes, you read right: MARCH BOOK MADNESS.


Classrooms around the country are filled with brackets that include books – hallways and whiteboard filed with top picks:

It’s safe to say that these creative teachers have taken March Madness to a whole new level – and it’s a sure win.


About the Author

Kari Patrick teaches high school English at STEAM Academy in Lexington, Kentucky. She also serves as Senior Advisor of Teacher Outreach for the Collaborative for Student Success.