Think again about Common Core

Midland Daily News

Earlier this year, Michigan State Representative Gary Glenn put forth legislation to repeal the Common Core State Standards in Michigan.  We’ve already weighed in on why it would be a bad move for the state so today, we’re letting one of Glenn’s own constituents “correct the record.” Michigan educator Cherie Marks recently had the opportunity to hear from Rep. Glenn during his “library hours,” and points out that the standards “do not mandate a curriculum, teachers are able to design lessons and programs. This promotes creativity and collaboration. Because the standards are rigorous, students will be college ready.” Quite simply, “The feeling from educators is that standards are continually changed before they can be completely implemented, or before their effectiveness can be adequately assessed. Perhaps the Common Core simply needs more time.” Aptly, she also writes, “You say, ‘Students deserve the best set of standards for Michigan schools.’ So, I ask you, ‘How do you know which are the best?’ As an educator with years of valuable experience, I would not presume to think I know the answer. Legislators who do not have backgrounds in education should leave this to the experts.”

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