Titans Punter Kern Speaks at DPS

State Gazette

Tennessee Titans punter Brett Kern. Kern visited with Dyersburg Primary School kindergarten teacher Kerri Newsom and her class, to encourage students to aim high and work hard to achieve the goals they have set. “It was a lot of fun just to be able to come out [to visit DPS],” said Kern. “I have already kind of developed a relationship with Kerri Newsom and her class. To be able to come here and experience it firsthand and to be able to meet the kids that I seen over Skype and video calls was really cool. To see their progress from when we had our first conversation to now, with the kids being able to read questions to me and see some of the writings that they made, is really cool. To be able to honor Kerri for all she’s done, the thankless hours she’s put in to make an impact on these kids’ lives is really cool and special to be a part of it and recognize her for it.”

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