True Change Needs Innovation and Creativity

Teacher-to-teacher advice is often the most insightful and most useful tool we have to shape our classrooms.

This type of collaboration among teachers can spark new ideas, new approaches, and even improve student learning.

Below are three awesome pieces that includes advice from fellow teachers.

1. Get Creative with Ed Tech! 
Looking for the latest and greatest ed tech resources? Look no further! This group of Michigan teachers created Innovation Classroom, a site that curates the best resources out there and organizes them by subject and grade level.

2. The Perfect Project-Based Learning
Eighth grade students at Two Rivers Public Charter School in Washington, DC participated in “learning expeditions” to understand gene editing. The school’s Director of Curriculum and Instruction offered this advice: “A well-articulated authentic problem provides both a motivation for students to learn and an opportunity to apply their learning in novel contexts.”

3. True Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight
Veteran Ohio teacher Tricia Ebner reacts to the recent release of the state’s assessment scores, citing the need for stability and consistency to “give educators a better opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of how the state tests measure students’ learning.”