Visalia Charter Students Get Hands-On Common Core Lessons


Teachers at the Visalia Technical Early College (VTEC) Charter School in California are finding that the Common Core State Standards fit “hand in glove” with their instruction. Principal Victoria Porter, who’s helmed the school since it opened in 2010, said they were “already collaborating around project-based learning… teachers had already been trained in making lessons relevant and authentic.” VTEC teachers are among those basing their lessons on the Common Core standards, which complement the school’s mission to teach “literacy across subjects, critical thinking, creativity and collaborative communication in student-led discussions.” Students choose either the Agriculture Engineering or Agricultural, Bioscience and Technology career tracks, and find themselves using geometry and algebra to build pig pens. “It’s more interesting than just reading out of a book. We talk and work in groups. It makes me think more,” said student Jacquelyn Brooks.

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