West Virginia Has a Crazy, Expensive State Education Bill

As a former teacher, I am pretty shocked by House Bill 2443, SB 524 and numerous other pieces of legislation currently being considered by the West Virginia state legislature.

The bill would force West Virginia schools to stop using the academic standards they currently have – and instead start using California or Massachusetts’ old standards.

You read that right: California and Massachusetts dropped their old standards ages ago because they decided they weren’t good enough and weren’t preparing kids for success after high school… and now West Virginia legislators want their schools to use them?

West Virginia’s academic standards are consistent and challenging. They were adopted after a comprehensive review concluded that they were the right way to help ensure every student from every region and background across the state can have a quality education that prepares them for college or a career after high school.

But now some legislators what West Virginia students to use California’s old textbooks and Massachusetts’ old worksheets?

This California/Massachusetts plan isn’t just bad– it will cost the state millions of dollars.

Why waste millions of tax dollars to lower West Virginia’s academic standards?

Call your state Delegate now and tell him or her not to waste your taxpayer money on unnecessary changes to West Virginia’s education standards.

Paul Espinosa (R-Jefferson), Chair of Education Committee: (304) 340-3265
Joe Statler (R-Monogalia), Vice Chair of Education Committee: (304) 340-3900
Rick Moye, Minority Chair – (D-Raleigh) – 304-340-3162
Sean Hornbuckle, Minority Vice Chair – (D-Cabell) – 304-340-3395
Stephen Baldwin (D-Greenbrier) – 304-340-3131
Ed Evans (D-McDowell) – 304-340-3165
Kenneth Hicks (D-Wayne) – 304-340-3155
Rodney Pyles – (D-Monongalia) – 304-340-3153
Ralph Rodighiero – (D-Logan) – 304-340-3297
Larry Rowe – (D-Kanawha) – 304-340-3287
Robert Thompson – (D-Wayne) – 304-340-3355
Saira Blair – (R-Berkeley) – 304-340-3122
Roy Cooper – (R-Summers) – 304-340-3119
Mark Dean – (R-Mingo) – 304-340-3304
Michael Folk – (R-Berkeley) – 304-340-3350
Jason Harshbarger – (R-Ritchie) – 304-340-3195
Josh Higginbotham – (R-Putnam) – 304-340-3118
John Kelly – (R-Wood) – 304-340-3394
Matthew Rohrbach – (R-Cabell) – 304-340-3221
William R. Romine – (R-Tyler) – 304-340-3225
Ruth Rowan – (R-Hampshire) – 304-340-3157
Jill Upson – (R-Jefferson) – 304-340-3366
Danny Wagner – (R-Barbour) – 304-340-3398
Steve Westfall – (R-Jackson) – 304-340-3140
Marshall Wilson – (R-Berkeley) – 304-340-3147

Don’t see your representative on the list?  Call the Chair of the State House Education Committee: (304) 340-3265

Katrina Boone is the Director of Educators for High Standards.