Why I Advocate: One Teacher’s Fight to Keep Standards in Her Classroom

Stand for Children

Meredith Starks is a 3rd grade teacher in Bossier City, Louisiana, who recently reflected on why she advocates for high, rigorous standards in the classroom. “I advocate for my students, who deserve to show they are just as capable of being critical thinkers as any other student in this country,” she wrote in the Stand for Children blog. And while her students are her priority, Starks also discussed the importance of standards to she and her colleagues. “I advocate for the thousands of teachers who have spent countless hours planning, writing, and creating high quality materials for students, only to be told their work might be in vain, due to the political whims of lawmakers who don’t have the best interests of my students in mind.” Starks also noted, “The Common Core State Standards have given me my love for teaching again. The standards have shown my students that learning can be fun and it doesn’t always have to come from a textbook.” Like so many other teachers, Starks is ready to fight for her students and high standards. 

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